To celebrate the video for "Tonight I'm Getting Over You" I thought I'd do a little giveaway! Submit YOUR written stories or videos about how you're getting over someone or something. I'm going to choose the most inspiring story & the winner gets a Fender® Pawn Shop Super-Sonic™ Guitar signed by me! Can't wait to hear your stories. Xo » Submit Here «

My entry

             This comes at a time were I’m actually going through a break up with my now ex boyfriend we dated for 3 years. I’ve found myself sad but what helps me is I try and distract myself with doing things I love that I wasn’t having the time to do while in the relationship a lot of the time I write some music, write poems about what I’m feeling just so I can have it written down. 
              I find that the best way to get over some one or something is to look at it through the positive and take the negative feelings it gave you and just remember what they made you feel. As a hopeful musician it’s easier for me to write the words into lyrics and take that emotion and make it into a melody. I use every heart break or negative situation as a way to write what i feel and make it helpful to what others may relate to. 

Tonight Im getting over him

I met a guy like 3 years ago at church. At first I didn’t like him that much. Then one day I heard him sing and I though he had the most beautiful voice ever. I started liking him like 2 years ago. We didn’t really talk to each other at first. One day my friend told me to tell him I liked him so I did. He never answer me or anything. We started talking like 3 months after I told him and it made me really happy. I still remember our first hug it was really magical. The part that sucks is that one day he just stopped talking to me and that brought me down. Today I still have a crush on him but I know i have to get over him because maybe he’s not worth it who knows what he says behind my back. The song “Tonight I’m getting over you” made me decide it’s time to move on and I think it’s working. No more tears and feelings for him. 

Jealousy hurts. </3 

I thought I loved you. I thought you loved me. Well at least you did before she came along. You have no idea how much it hurts to see the person who you love fall for someone else. Well you wouldn’t know would you, because she fall straight into your arms. While I was upset you were off with her. You spent nearly everyday with her then you finally got the courage to ask her out, she obviously said yes. Who would reject you? Your perfect. It broke my heart and I will never forgive you for it. But tonight. Tonight it all stops I don’t need you any more. I know it needs to be done because you are never coming back for me. You’re with her now and you will be happy forever. But there is one thing you need to remember I cared for you, I listened to your problems I cheered you up when you were feeling down, I did everything you asked me to and in return, all I got from you was tear stained blankets and the sight of you with her every second of everyday. Well not any more I’m getting rid of the jealousy, the hatred and the angry and  I’m moving on. I will probably never see you again that’s what has kept me getting through this because tonight, I’m getting over you.

How Im Getting Over Someone

Well,  I was dating this guy for 2 years  and he started to act really weird  i knew something was up, i knew he was hiding something from me, so i asked him, and then after 3 weeks . he admitted that he had cheated on me , i was so upset.. and i thought i was the one a post to be breaking up with him, but he just left me… it was like he took my heart and never gave it back. I was missing him so much 2 months had gone by and i was just sitting in my house everyday getting more and more upset, i sat next to the phone hoping he would call then he knocked on my door begging for me back, i kissed him quickly because i missed him so much, we sat on the sofa and i had a conversation with him, he told me that he has a girlfriend, but he was going to dump her the next day, i then quickly got up and looked at him.. and realized what he really is, a selfish jerk. i was finally over him, i grabbed his hand and walked him to the door, and slammed it in his face, then i felt amazing, it was like a huge weight had been lifted of my shoulders.. i could finally live again! I could leave the house, without worrying i would miss his call, i was finally over him!

Tapping in to My Superpowers

Only a week ago I had a conversation during which I was asked, “If you could have one ‘superpower’, what would you choose? X-ray vision? Super-strength? Invisibility? Maybe something else?” I found the question fascinating, but I didn’t have an immediate answer. Then yesterday morning, as I was getting ready for the day, it hit me… If I could have only one superpower it would be this: That whoever I touch would instantly be able to forgive another person who had hurt them! I know this is not what one typically thinks of as a super-ability, but stop for a moment and consider how this world would be transformed by a hero/heroine who possessed such powers.

No sooner had this thought occurred to me, it seemed that God whispered to my heart, “You already have this power. The music you write TOUCHES people. Your music heals them, and empowers them, and helps them to move past the painful obstacles in their lives. Your music has brought healing to your own heart.” Yes, much like anyone else who has spent more than a few years on this planet, I have been wounded many times and many ways. One of the primary means by which I have gotten over the pain and found healing is to craft lyrics and put them to music. And as I have figured a way out through the maze of confused, tangled emotions and write about it, I find these songs become important in the lives of others, showing them a path that they can follow to find freedom.

I do have something I am trying to get over at this very moment – I was recently betrayed by a close, trusted friend. Wow, it hurts like nothing else. I still love this person and I try to renew forgiveness toward them in my heart every morning. I have been working on the lyrics to a song, but I don’t want there to be any bitterness in the words.  This is a tough proposition, but I will find the right words – they are always worth waiting for.

Hi, Carly. I have this friend, and we’re really close, and everyone thinks it’s weird that I have a “boy- friend”. I have a huge crush on him and I like talking to him, but I always worry that when we’re talking I’m going to blurt out something stupid and it’s very hard to be around him without getting weak in the knees. And I know that if I told him that I like him our friendship would be ruined. Music is kind of the only way I can get over him. I sing very loud and forget everything, and when Tonight I’m Getting Over You came out I could very much relate; it helps me get through all of my problems. It’s especially hard because I have OCD and I obsess about every little thing, so when I like something it’s really hard to get over it, and since music is where I can put all of my emotions it’s a nice place to get away. Thanks for reading. 

I Wonder if I’m Ever Getting Over You

     For some time now, I’ve had feelings for this girl. She and i have been close friends for about 2 years now. How we met was quite strange. I had a crush on one of her friends and I started talking to her so I could share my feelings and learn a little more about my crush. We talked everyday about anything. We were really starting to become great friends but I still thought I was in love with her friend. I didn’t see that my new friend had a crush on me… I was so blind. She always wanted to hang out and always hinted but I just never saw it. I fell deeper and deeper into my own heart until I finally realized my crush was no good for me. Her birthday came around and she knew I liked her and constantly flirted with me and we had hung out a few times but she thought I was too nice of a guy. She showed everybody the card I gave her and note I had written her. She started being very cruel towards me and didn’t care at all about my feelings anymore. I was over her faster than I had fallen in love. My new friend was there for me through it all. At this point, I knew how amazing she was and I should’ve seen it sooner. It was too late by the time I saw it… She was back with her boyfriend. My chances with her were gone. I had let her slip through my fingertips. So I was left with nothing but more heartache but at least I had a great new friend in my life. I just wouldn’t be able to talk to her as much. I had transitioned from one love to another. She was taken but I still couldn’t find a way around my feelings for her. She is the sweetest girl I have ever met. She is so amazing! She is a very genuine person. She is exactly who I want in my life.. Someone to hold, to love, a beautiful girl to share my life with. Unfortunately our close friendship came at a cost. Her boyfriend was very jealous and worried about our being friends. She thought she did what was best and took a break from me. We didnt speak for 3 whole months. It began as a very dark time for me but I eventually got over her… Or so I thought. We started talking again and she is still with her boyfriend but we are still pretty good friends. I do feel a great distance between us though. I feel like I’m waiting for her because I still love her but she doesn’t know. I just wish I could get over her. My friends have been a great outlet for it and music also has. Especially your music. You are a personal favorite of mine and I really appreciate how close you are to your fan base. This is really cool how interactive you are with your fans. Thanks for making great music! I will always be a strong supporter of everything you do! Your music has helped me through my situation in more ways than you can imagine.

  • Tonight I’m Getting Over You
  • Heavy Lifting
  • Call Me Maybe
  • Good Time
  • This Kiss
  • Turn Me Up

These are just a few of my favorite songs that I listen to nearly everyday! You really inspire me and I hope it helps me Get over her! Thank you so much! :)


well, i have liked a guy for to years now. its been a long time and i have asked him out once, he said no. we talk quite alot but my friends hate him. he hates them back so its very uncomfortable for me. he knows that i have liked him but it hasn’t changed. I’m too scared to ask him out again, i have been for a while now. i think it’s time i moved on, i have come to realise that he will never like me, the song ”tonight i’m getting over you” really helps me, thankyou carly for helping me!

Hi Carly. First of all I want to say I think you’re amazing. My problem is that a couple of years ago my parents got a divorce. They are both getting re-married. My mom even had my sister with her new husband to be. I like both of them but sometimes I have a hard time with dealing with it all. It’s all new to me. New people. They get hurt feelings when I don’t put any input on what they think about the wedding. I just have a hard time dealing with even though it has been a couple of years. i know that these things take time but it’s taking forever. Thanks for ready this Carly!

I was in a play, there was this boy, I didn’t know him but I knew his name. He was cute so I added him on facebook. When he accepted I was so excited! We chatted quite alot, flirting;p we started to skype, we got closer and closer and finally he asked me out! We chatted all day everyday but when it came to the next show it seemed to be really awkward, I could hear him and his friends talking about me and I had no idea if they were saying nice things or horrible things, I didn’t bother to say anything but I started hearing the words ‘dump’ ‘dumping’ etc. Not long after I had one of his friends come up to me to tell me it was over, I asked why, he just said it was because he lived too far away from me but I knew there was something else. I asked him and he said it was also because his friends didn’t like me, he didn’t want his friends to hate him. I then realised he wasn’t worth it if he cares more about what his friends think than me! Every show was awkwardness! I tried alot, flirting with other boys, seeing other boys, nothing worked, there was something there! We didn’t really chat much but one day I looked at his facebook profile, he had found a new girlfriend, I was heartbroken, I told him over and over how much I liked him, he didn’t care, he had a new girl, thats all he needed! He didn’t think about my feelings at all. They broke up, he got another, it was all very fast for him, he didn’t stop and ask me if I was okay. I text/call/message him all the time and I tell him my feelings but he doesn’t care, he never will. I need to get over him and not gonna lie, this song really helped, it describes my situation perfectly!! He thinks I’m annoying now lol but one day he’ll come running back;-)